Interviewing everyone

In today's market, you have to be a media company first


The best thing to do is marketing without marketing. Something like interviewing everyone around you (not necessarily being the center of attention) but others will be more inclined to listen to your story. This goes hand in hand with what some are calling "The thank you economy". Providing something of value to the customers. If you're a hotel, tell your guests what they can see in the area (similar to Trip Advisor), not just how well the rooms are looking. If you're a real-estate agent, say something about best practices when buying (or selling) a house, don't just promote pictures of closed deals.

This is what Guiness did. They didn't get any value of of publishing trivia facts. But they realized that this is what people were talking about when having beer. Sure, now Guiness World Records is a household name and it's been for a while, but when they started this, in 1951, it was just a way of bringing value to the customers.

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