How pricing works

What you'll be getting by working with us

The value we provide is a lot more than ads, research and reports, as important as these are. Here are some important aspects of the value we provide:

Exposure where the attention is

There are many marketing avenues and they are not all created equal. Just because email marketing or TV ads worked in the past, doesn't mean they are still as effective today. You're gonna get exposure on the top platforms when it comes to audience today (Facebook and Instagram)

Improve the value of your business

By having more exposure, you'll reach more awareness and you'll have more customers. Thus, the value of your business will increase.

advice on online presence

Social media is new enough that it's widely misunderstood. Along with running the ads, you'll get advice on how to improve your online and social media presence.

You'll be able to focus on what you do best

Advertising is not rocket science, but it's not easy either. You need to know the platform, its tools, know the different kinds of ads and many other features of the platform. It's for sure more than boosting posts (see section "Facebook Myths"). Leave it to us, not because we're smarter than you (we're not), but because we do this for a living and we know the platform very well.

Fixed rate, not hourly rate

We'll have to understand your needs and expectations. We'll have to discuss the specifics of your business, your existing customer base, the audience you're trying to reach. We're not gonna charge an hourly rate.

is it worth it to do it yourself?

Even so often you'll come across a highly paid professional who mows the lawn or changes the oil himself, instead of using a specialized company. The problem is, of course, he would be able to make a lot more money by doing what he does for a living instead.

Kinds of fees

Facebook Fees

As it's a paid service, Facebook is charging a fee. It varies, based primarily on how many people are being targeted. So this fee goes straight to Facebook.

Video Recording

Video ads are the most effective, for a number of reasons. Video recording and editing are $100 on top of the previous fees.

marketer's fees

Marketer's (that would be us) fee for doing the research and running the ad. This fee does not depend on how many people are being targeted (the Facebook fee). Meaning, our fees do not change whether we are targeting 100 people or 100,000.

How campaigns and prices are structured

The campaigns are structured to run for a week (typically). It’s best to not have them run over the week-end, when the Facebook presence goes down. A week is usually too little time o run a campaign, so not recommended. 


Two weeks

  • Introductory level
  • Might not be long enough for a relevant campaign


One month

  • Best value
  • Long enough to be relevant
  • Most popular choice


two months

  • For a sustained campaign over time
  • Very efficient when it comes to several kinds of ads (see section "Kinds of ads" for more details)

There is a lot involved in running a campaign. Gathering the information, doing research, analyzing feedback from a previous campaign, tweaking the parameters for optimal results and so on. Read about what a typical campaign involves below.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, I do occasionally graphic design work like adjusting a picture or cutting out a person, at no additional cost.

If history is any guide, it will happen just like it did with Google AdWords. It was cheap in the early 2000’s, but it became more expensive as time went by and people realized what a good marketing tool it was. Today, AdWords is way more expensive than Facebook marketing.

One can target very precisely, unlike direct mail (for instance, flooding a neighborhood with letters). Also, it’s a lot easier to get feedback (for instance, re-target those categories that reacted the best to the ad). But I think the number one advantage is (see next item):  

Up until 20 years ago, even 10 years ago, you could reach people on TV. Now it’s not so effective any more (I’m not saying it’s not working, but it’s expensive and fewer and fewer people are watching TV commercials). The number one advantage Facebook has, in my opinion, is that you can reach people where they are most active. Even though Facebook was under intense scrutiny lately, the platform doesn’t have a competitor when it comes to social media (Instagram is owned by Facebook, so it’s not really a competitor). Americans spend close to 3 hours online on average, out of which 1 hour on Facebook. 

Yes, I ran many campaigns in the past where I was able to reach 5,000 people for $100. That’s pretty cheap, isn’t it? 😉

This price didn’t include my fee, only the fee paid to Facebook

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