Real World examples, some of our campaigns

Troy for Mayor,  Cumming, GA


Nothing short of historical win, a race against incumbent Ford Gravitt, who's been in office for 50 years. It was a campaign that relied heavily on social media. Below are some creatives we made for Troy.

A sketch being used on the campaign trail

The incumbent had been in office since Nixon, so we used this creative in another Facebook ad

Another poster depicting that the local elections (Cumming City Hall on the left) are just as important as the federal ones

The population of Cumming is 100,000, but only 5,000 of them are allowed to vote (those living within city limits). This poster is showing the city limits.

Christian Brothers Automotive, Thanksgiving ad


Run before Thanksgiving. We recorded a video and ran the ad. One easy way to reach 5,000 people for a little over $100, as the account is being charged only if the user watches at least 10s of the video.

Pixel Metaphors, Instagram Awareness Ad


Raising awareness for Pixel Metaphors, an Instagram campaign. Got to $0.01/result.

Creative used for the ad

The Mauldin Group, Event Awareness Ad


Ad for an Online Marketing Seminar

Poster used for the event

Creatives used for promoting the event on Facebook.

"God owns it all", biblical principles seminar

with Carla Collis Gesite and Erin Carper. Event Awareness Ad


Video ad promoting the event. We recorded the video and ran the ad. It resulted in a very low cost, reaching several thousand users.

Video used for the ad (above), flier used (below)

Michael Litten "Think different" mayoral campaign, Roswell, GA


I was part of the campaign during the last week of the race only. The campaign was run entirely on social media. It resulted in the lowest cost/voter in the race.

Creative used, depicting the Roswell City Hall through a window ("Transparency").

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