About Us

Who We are and what we do

We understand marketing

Our many campaigns have very good results. We do Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat campaigns.

We are passionate about the new way of marketing

TV ads, magazine ads, direct marketing, outdoor signs still work, but that’s not where the attention is. The attention today is in social media and on the phone

We help establish businesses

Social media is more than “icing on the cake”. In today’s business environment you’re pretty much invisible if you don’t have a social media presence, that’s why social media advertising is a very good marketing vehicle.


Video is the best

We do the research for the ad, record the video if needed and edit it, as well as analyze the feedback for future campaigns

Cristian Gruita, Owner

Marketer, graphic & web designer, mobile developer. Romanian by origin, lived in Germany for a while, married to Mihaela since 2009. We have two boys. Passionate by drones, soon to be a commercial drone pilot, God willing.

Professional Consultation